Owners of the Liebherr Group transfer some of their shares to their children

Dr. h.c. Dipl.-Ing. (ETH) Willi Liebherr, President of the Administrative Board of Liebherr-International AG, and his sister Dipl.-Kfm. Isolde Liebherr, who is its Vice-President, have assigned a proportion of their shares in the Liebherr Group’s parent company to their children.

This will enable various duties and responsibilities to be transferred to the next generation; in the future individual Group divisions will therefore be managed by Isolde Liebherr or Dr. h.c. Willi Liebherr jointly with a representative of the third family generation. Initially, the following members of the third generation will assume responsibility step by step for corporate management and supervisory tasks:

Jan Liebherr
Stéfanie Wohlfarth
Sophie Albrecht
Patricia Rüf

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Large crane with a 40-tonne load capacity builds the Samsung factory in South Korea

The 1250 HC 40 heavy-load crane by Liebherr is being used in the construction of a new factory for Samsung Electronics in Asan, South Korea. The international construction company Shinwoo Development Co. Ltd is using six additional Liebherr cranes of the type 800 HC 20 and 315 HC-L for this project.

The 1250 HC 40 large crane will remain on the Samsung building site for five months for the construction of two different buildings. It has the best combination of load capacity and height specification for this project. The building contractor has a very tight schedule to meet and is therefore working in multiple shifts.

Although the 1250 HC 40 has full boom length of 80 m, it is being operated with a boom of 64 m at a hook height of 50 m due to the close proximity of other buildings. The 1250 HC 40 has a maximum free-standing hook height of 92.2 m and a maximum load capacity of 40 t.

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A successful start to the 2012 Liebherr RoadShow in Roppen in the Austrian Tyrol

On 30 and 31 March 2012, the commencement of the 2012 Liebherr RoadShow took place in Roppen, Tyrol (Austria). Some 2,000 customers and prospective customers from Austria, Italy, Germany and Switzerland attended the 2-day event. The expert audience had the opportunity of experiencing Liebherr construction machines in presentations as well as in actual operation.

Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH was able to accept its first direct orders and received numerous inquiries during the 2012 Liebherr RoadShow.

At present, the Liebherr RoadShow is on the way to Vorchdorf in Upper Austria, the next of five stops in total.

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The new flagship of flat-top cranes

Liebherr is taking advantage of the 2012 ‘Intermat’ to present for the first time the new 380 EC-B 16 Litronic flat-top crane. This now extends the series upwards, which up to now has consisted of fifteen models well-spaced between 50 and 285 mt, with a 380 mt unit. The new “flagship” provides a maximum radius of 75 m, and can lift up to 3,400 kg at the end of the jib. The 380 EC-B is available optionally in 12 t or 16 t format.

The new 380 EC-B 16 Litronic also provides a great deal of flexibility, in that it can be fitted with an IC or HC tower system. The 256 IC and 355 IC towers from Liebherr are characterized by their small tower cross-sections of only 1.9 m x 1.9 m, which makes them very well-suited for erection in lift shafts. The climbing function of the IC tower system allows it to climb both on the building and in it.

With the IC tower system, free-standing heights under hook of close on 70 m can be achieved. And if the situation calls for even greater heights under hook, the 380 EC-B can optionally also be mounted on the 355 HC / 500 HC tower system, and then reaches a free-standing height under hook of almost 85 m. And, of course, the new 380 EC-B also supports the use of existing modules from these tower systems.

The visually striking appearance of the new 380 EC-B is marked in particular by the impressive crane superstructure. One characteristic feature is the four-chord counter-jib. The very compact crane superstructure, with a maximum radius of 75 m, can be loaded onto only five trucks. Particular attention was also paid in the design to ensuring that the dimensions of each individual part meet the requirements of container transport, a major advantage when it comes to loading onto ships. The whole of the EC-B head, including the IC slewing ring support and the 75 m jib, can be accommodated in 40-foot containers with no trouble at all.

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Liebherr 65 K Fast-erecting Crane: Setting New Standards in the 65-mt Class

The Liebherr 65 K fast-erecting crane will be presented to the public for the first time at the Intermat 2012 in Paris. The new design of the 65 K is based on the successful concept of the 81 K, which was unveiled two years ago, and now provides a whole range of optimized and further developed functions. This means that the new fast-erecting crane sets new standards in the 65-mt class when it comes to capacity, operation and safety on the construction site.

With a maximum lifting capacity of 1,400 kg at a radius of 40.0 metres, the 65 K provides absolute top values in its size class. As with the larger 81 K, all loads are moved using the pure two-fall operation, SPEED2LIFT. No re-reeving, no time lost, and maximum load handling on site – unique achievements in this crane class. Another excellent performance value is the maximum lifting capacity of 4,500 kg.

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LIEBHERR 65 K – a new peak in its class.

Latest fast-erecting crane 65K from Liebherr production line will be first introduced at Intermat 2012 exhibition in Paris. It is based on the successful concept of the Liebherr 81K, which have combined determining trends in performance, reliability, safety, and in design.

The carrying capacity of 1,400 kg at 40m places Lebherr 65K on the top in its category, and has a maximum load capacity of 4500 kg..

Crane operates exclusively with two line operation system ‘SPEED2LIFT’ that gives max. performance at full speed, as well as system ‘MICROMOVE’ – milimetric precision with fine positioning.

With the 30° raised jib position, Liebherr 65K provides 14 hook heights from 15.6 to 51.7 m.Crane base with dimensions 4.2 x 4.2 m and 2.55 m slewing radius, determines crane deployment even in restricted space conditions.

Max. height under hook: 34.6 m
Max. height under hook  30 ° 51.7 m
Radius: 28.0 / 35.0 / 40.0 m
Radius with 30 ° jib: 23.9 / 29.9 / 34.0 m
Capacity at 40,0 m: 1,400 kg
Capacity at 35,0 m: 1,800 kg
Capacity at 28,0 m: 2,600 kg
Max. capacity: 4,500 kg

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Tower Crane Sales – Potain MD 285 A

Make :    Potain
Model :    MD 285 A
used equipments
Year :    1999
Jib length :    70 m
Height :    30 m
Condition :    Good condition
Availability :    Available
Location :    France – 95
Comments :
chassis VA 60 A , 6 m x 6 m , couronne neuve

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